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-Or at least, too afraid of the world to go with your heart and follow what’s truly meaningful, which is very, very sad.  The world needs more courage in this day & age- and definitely more love.



If you think a girl is cute and awesome and really cool and genuinely like her but won’t date her because she’s chubby or fat and you don’t want people to judge you for it then please remember you’re a piece of shit okay, promise



Look, I fixed it.

See THIS bullshit is why we kinky people can’t have nice things.


There are two articles, one written by aletheanoir HERE… and oh hey LOOK… an article written by another FEMINIST HERE (le gasp!!) that give some pretty neat insight on what BDSM/kink is about.

So here’s a graphic that compares what BDSM is vs what Abuse is for those too lazy to read:


Ever gotten your ass spanked while getting screwed from behind? Like getting your hair pulled?  News flash sweet cheeks, that’s kink, very SLIGHT kink compared to most of my friends, but still falls in the kinky spectrum.

Nothing is EVER fully vanilla sex anymore, unless you do it missionary, in the dark, floor length nightgown pulled up past your hips and laying there like a dead fish while your partner pumps away; with your eyes closed the whole time praying that he’d stop soon so you could go to sleep.

I am no less of a Feminist when I kneel at my chosen Dominant’s feet, nor am I less of a Feminist when I allow the kiss of a leather flogger or a single tailed whip to trail along my back and buttocks. I am still a Feminist if I have a Dominant’s collar around my neck (even if it’s just for playtime) and am lead through an area of a club on a leash.

But of course, OP can’t do their own research or ask questions because “RAH ALL BDSM IS ABUSE, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE”…

The difference dear girl, is that while there ARE those pieces of scum that hide their abuse under the PRETENSE… i’ll say it again PREEEEEEEE-TENSE of BDSM… it is NOT actual BDSM/Kink.


Now if anyone wants to have a CIVIL Q&A, my askbox is always open and I am more than happy to keep asks private.  Disclaimer: I may ask to post the question and my reply in a new text post, but i will NOT include the name of the person who sent in the ask, because it’s the right thing to do.

Seriously.  The only things I have real issue with in this song are the parts about curves being about mens’ preferences.  No, not all thin women think they’re fat, and no, we shouldn’t shame others just to lift ourselves up (part of why fluffy people are lashing out so much righ tnow- because we’ve endured it for CENTURIES- and no, that doesn’t make it okay), but dammit, how many curve-friendly, body-positive songs are there out there..?  I bet there are a THOUSAND tunes out there talking about and glorifying being skinny (in fact, I’m pretty sure I heard a song on the radio the other day talking about a girl who binges and purges, and then goes n’ sleeps in a bathtub after drinking all day.. SEXY!).  So for gracious’ sake, can we please NOT pick apart the 0.43965 songs we have out there that’re trying to lift UP people of size..?  (And, depending on your POV, all body types..?)

-Just my 3 cents.




let me just say a few things about ‘all about that bass’ real quick

  1. it’s a song about body positivity and we don’t get many of those so can we just take that into consideration please
  2. i know people are kicking off about her using the phrase “skinny bitches” but she does follow it up with "no, i’m just playing i know you think you’re fat / but i’m here to tell you that / every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top"  she’s taken an insult commonly given to slim women and basically a said so what if you are skinny/skinny but you think you’re fat, YOU’RE STILL PERFECT 
  3. i’ve seen shit loads of people saying it makes them feel more confident, and slim women get a ton of media reinforcing the idea that their body is perfect anyway

I love this damn song

needed this today after a phone call with my mom

Love this. XD GOOOO HART! XD

Plus, just coming from my own personal POV, if you do the ALS challenge, KNOW WHAT IT’S FREAKING ABOUT.  Not only is it good to get/stay informed about stuff in general, but srsly, if you’re gonna stand up publicly in support of something (especially when half the campaign is about AWARENESS), have a little respect for all involved & do a little research BEFOREHAND.  Find out who the ALS challenge was initially started for, where it came from, and how ALS affects those who suffer from it.  Otherwise, you’re just being a bandwagon-jumper, and you’re not really helping anyone, let alone yourself. 



I’ve never had a kid, so I speak not from a place of experience here, but.. those cover things always look creepy to me.  (And not in the fun gothy way I love so much.)  They make it look like something’s dead under there, and, just like anybody w/a cover over their heads, I reckon it’s also not terribly easy (or fun) to breathe… *shudders*  

But all that aside, I don’t care if someone has their whole boob out, feeding their child.  It’s just a body part, no different than a knee or an elbow.  Only difference is, it’s the way your kid needs to eat.  So use it when your kid’s hungry, then stick it back in when feeding time’s over.  *shrug*  It’s no big, and WAY better than risking the chance of suffocating your baby.  (Or freaking it out by traumatizing it w/lack of oxygen when it’s time to eat.  If I got covered every time I ate, I’d get an aversion to food, too.)

..Just my 2 cents, and food for thought. :)




I have no problem with a woman, such as in the first photo, breastfeeding in public. Shes covered, minding her own business and not disturbing anyone. If your child is hungry and you breastfeed with a nursing cover, blanket, or scarf, I believe no one should have the right to bother you.

I do, however, have a problem with seeing people publicly breastfeed such as in the second photo. She makes no effort to cover her breasts, nor nipples. There is no respect for anyone in the surrounding area that, if they walk anywhere near, are forced to see her completely exposed breast and nipple, and if the child finishes eating and unlatches, shes just sitting there with her breast completely out.

Putting on a nursing cover or blanket is not difficult, expensive, or time consuming. It’s a simple gesture of respect for those around you, and if you put forth that respect you will recieve it back.


Not difficult my ASS! A HUGE portion of babies WILL NOT FEED under a cover. They will refuse to latch or rip the cover away or both. Yes even newborns. So fuck that shit. Boobies are for babies.

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